Amanda Bynes has become the Queen of Twitter with her constant controversial tweets, which involve calling pretty much very celebrity “ugly” and then claiming her account was “hacked,” spitting out vulgar remarks, like wanting Drake to commit homicide on her vagina (remember that one?) and how every single news outlet is lying about what’s going in her life.

But has all of this before too much for the former child star and now she’s moved onto a brand new Twitter account?

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After retweeting a few tweets from @persiannyc27 – a.k.a. Barbie – that sound a bit too close to what she would say, many are believing that she’s created a brand new account to express her thoughts, musings and all around creepy and violent thoughts.

With tweets like, “If I like you, I'll flat out tell you I like you! Please do not think I like you unless I audibly say the words I like you! Don't assume!” and ones that even go as far as, “You're so ugly I want to stab your face with a knife, carve out ur eye balls and stab your voice box so I no longer have to hear your voice” (WTF?!), we can’t deny that it definitely sounds like some things she would say. Plus, I mean, her name is Barbie and have you seen that horrendous blonde wig she wore when she was arrested? We’ve been trying to block it from our memory.

If @persiannyc27 isn’t Amanda, the only other thought is some genius created a parody account based on the hot-topic star and, sadly, she hasn’t realized that they’re straight up making fun of her. Hopefully she’ll catch on soon enough.

Do you think this is Amanda’s second Twitter account?

Or is someone making fun of her?