Hm, what’s it really like to work for the Queen? If you have the dough that it takes, you could find out!

Beyoncé is teaming up with CharityBuzz to offer one fan the chance to spend an entire day backstage on her Mrs. Carter World Tour. But here’s the catch – don’t expect to be shadowing B. You’ll be with her mother and Creative Director of Wardrobe, Tina Knowles.

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The description reads: “See what it’s like to work backstage at the biggest tour of the year—The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour! Beyoncé invites you backstage as a VIP on her style team. You’ll be a part of the Mrs. Carter Show as you spend the day in wardrobe with Creative Director of Wardrobe, Tina Knowles. See a major tour from behind the scenes, then meet Beyoncé before you take your 2 VIP seats for this year’s biggest show!”

If you’re dying for the chance to hang with Momma Knowles and have a quick meet and photo op with Beyoncé, you better have the money because this package is valued at $25,000. In fact, the most recent bid has it sitting at $11,5000.  $11 grand to hang with Beyoncé’s mom? Eh…

As generous as this is of Beyoncé and her team – to charge a fan to work for her and give it all to charity – it seems like it would be more worthwhile if the “employee” got to spend the day with the star of the show, right?

What do you think about Beyoncé’s giveaway?

Would you spend thousands of dollars to hang with her mom, Tina?