Hollywood’s infamous Burglar Bunch are getting put on display in Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring and his behind-the-scenes featurette  depicts how the stars got inside the minds of the teens.

“I tried to tell the story from the kids’ point of view,” director Sofia explained. Emma Watson stars as a member of the group, whose obsession fashion was something that the actress had never dealt with. “All of my usual fashion rules went out the window,” she said. “Visible cleavage, very short shorts.”

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“You can get caught up in the teen bad behavior side, but in the end hopefully it’ll give you something to think about,” Sofia explained.

The "Bling Ring" gang consists of a group of fame-hunger teenagers who broke into the houses of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom and more. In the film, Paris’ own home is featured and when she first saw the film, she openly admitted that she teared up seeing what the teens did in her home.

“They completely violated me. Every time I come home, I’m scared someone might be in there,” she recently told The Daily Beast. “The fact that they tried to steal my dog, were laying on my bed and chilling in my house while I was makes me sick.” Paris gave a warning to the actual teens who were a part of the burglary and warned that they “better never see me.”

The Bling Ring hits theaters today.

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