After what we saw with Spring Breakers, it’s very, very clear that Selena Gomez is straying away from her squeaky clean, Disney darling image that we’ve grown to love her as – even if she seems totally adorable and put together in pretty much every, single interview that she does. She’s continuing her mature movie role streak by starring in the fast-pace action thriller Getaway with Ethan Hawke.

With the movie chalk-full of guns, fast cars and we’re sure some violence, we’re actually kinda liking this new side of Selena we’ve been seeing!

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Getaway follows Ethan’s character, a former race-car driver, whose sole mission in the movie is to rescue his kidnapped wife, all the while having no idea who the man behind the kidnapping is. During this time, Selena, who plays a car hijacker, jumps into his car while pointing a gun at him, is forced to join him on his mission. Basically the whole “wrong place at the wrong time” ordeal.

Will Selena’s character make it to the end or will Ethan have to kill her in order to get his wife back? Now this is a suspenseful thriller if we’ve ever heard of one!

Getaway hits theaters on August 30th!

Are you excited to see Selena in a thriller like Getaway?