One Direction’s Harry Styles records a solo track, it gets leaked and how do Directioners react? Um, they freak out! But what does this mean for our favorite 1D fellas? Is a breakup in the near future?!

Chelsea Briggs breaks down the details in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Directioners went nuts last Friday when a song called “Don’t Let Me Go” that featured Harry and his beautiful vocals was leaked online. Working with his friend and songwriter Sam McCarthy on the tune, the emotional ballad is definitely one that we’re loving. So dreamy, right?

But don’t go jumping to conclusions guys! This song was done over a year ago and a spokesperson for 1D put all of our worries to rest by releasing a statement. “It’s an old song from a year and a half ago and was a demo for a possible 1D album track. It’s not a solo song, nothing to get excited about.” Well, there you go! 1D will keep on keeping on!

Would you buy a Harry solo album?