Justin Bieber isn’t taking these baby daddy allegations 2.0 lying down – in fact, he’s defending himself once again. Just a week after an unidentified woman is claiming that the Biebs is definitely the father of her 2-year-old daughter, the singer is taking to Twitter to set the record straight!

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Since Justin just loves to squashes any rumor he can on either Twitter or Instagram, it’s no surprise that this latest scandal has caught his attention. But instead of just giving 140 characters of “I’m not the father,” he tweeted at Tyler the Creator and wrote, “all good buddy. i deal with this everyday. thanks though. the baby aint mine either.”

This is the second time Justin has had to address baby daddy drama after a source told Star magazine, “They met in Miami, Florida at a TGI Friday’s restaurant. She went back to Justin’s room at the Gansevoort South hotel, he impregnated her, then she went back to Europe and had a baby girl in October 2010.”

Even though it’s been a few years since this all went down, it’s being reported that the woman is not seeking any kind of money or 15 minutes of fame from Justin. “She only recently began considering alerting Justin to the existence of her daughter, but she won’t be asking for a penny from him, and she has no desire to become part of the celebrity lifestyle,” the source said. “She’s going to leave it up to Justin to decide, at any point in the future that he chooses, if he ever wants to get involved with the child.”

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