Okay, maybe it’s time we put Justin Bieber in the same category as Lindsay Lohan – “Celebrities Who Shouldn’t Drive or Should Invest in a Chauffeur.”

With plenty of reckless driving claims under his belt, Justin is facing yet another bad driving incident but this one was actually caught on camera. It all went down last Monday night when he was leaving LA’s The Laugh Factory with his pal Lil Twist and was obviously swarmed by paparazzi. Trying to leave the comedy club, the Biebs hit a photographer and drove off without looking back.

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After the phototag was penned between Justin’s Ferrari and a parked car, an ambulance arrived at the scene and treat him for his injuries. But JB won’t be facing any hit and run charges as he’s been cleared of them since the paparazzo was considered a pedestrian in the roadway.  

In Justin’s defense, he clearly did motion for the photographer to move the hell out of his way, which he clearly didn’t listen too. But the fact that he also almost ran over the security guard that was trying to help him out proves that his kid needs to start taking taxis to solve the problem.

Whose side are you on? Justin’s or the photographers?