You guys, Justin Bieber released a new song! It’s “Heartbreaker” and it’s totally amazing and we’re obsessed – we can’t stop listening.

Oh, but wait – it’s actually not his song. Now that’s a heartbreaker to Beliebers all over.

Allow us to explain: so Justin caused fans to freak the F out when he posted the cover art to his supposed new single “Heartbreaker,” saying that it’ll be hitting our ears in the near future. Fast forward a week later and he posted the cover art again and wrote, “Heartbreaker is on the Internet somewhere find it.” Cue Beliebers searching high and low for the hot new single!

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And then cue a pissed off Khalil Underwood. You see, the video that was found on the YouTube channels and fake Bieber Vevo accounts and claimed to be Justin’s “new single” actually wasn’t – it turned out to be the track “What’s Right, What’s Wrong?” by Khalil Underwood, who was not too happy about what was going down.

Khalil posted a video on his YouTube page, explaining his claim on the song and how Justin had absolutely nothing to do with it. And, as it turns out, Justin saying that “Heartbreaker” was somewhere on the web was him clearing up the false leak rumor. He also tweeted, “The vevo account is fake. Not even me singing.”

So, in conclusion, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to hear Justin’s real “Heartbreaker” single but hey Khalil, we’re loving “What’s Right, What’s Wrong?” And thanks Justin for doing the right thing by clearing all this mess up!

Did you fall for the false single leak?