A shirtless Liam Hemsworth? Check. A steamy sex scene? Check. A whole lot of non-stop action? Yup, check.

A brand new trailer for Liam’s upcoming thriller Paranoia has hit the web and we’re absolutely dying to see this movie and it’s not just for the shirtless scenes – although that is part of it. The film centers on a tech-savvy Adam Cassidy (Liam), involved in a hidden romance, played by Amber Heard and is brought on to spy for a very powerful CEO (Gary Oldman). Obviously this can’t go very smoothly and things start go bad for him as he gets wrapped up the world of corporate espionage.

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Liam opened up about taking on this role to Yahoo! Movies and admitted that he was actually nervous to co-star with Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford. I mean, who wouldn’t be? “Knowing that those guys were coming aboard is pretty frightening,” he said. “I’ve never worked with people like that before.”

Paranoia hits theaters on August 16th.

Are you going to check out Paranoia?