Monday’s can be a total bummer after a couple days of R&R (or maybe a little too much fun), but we’ve got a little something to perk you up. It’s Monday Music Crush time and we’ve got a set of musically talented twins that we’ve been obsessing over for quite from time now.

This week, Chelsea Briggs is giving you all the reasons why you should be jumping on the Megan and Liz bandwagon! Let’s get crushin’!

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Getting their start by posting song covers on YouTube back in 2007, Megan and Liz have completely blown up, thanks to their constantly growing fan base. In fact, their fans are so dedicated that they played a key role in getting the girls to perform at Macy’s iHeart Radio Music Festival last year!

This is clearly just the beginning for Megan and Liz. Just a few days after releasing their new single “Release You” – which we’re totally obsessed with, by the way – their full-length debut album will be hitting our ears very, very soon, which will obviously lead to a huge tour, countless Grammys and world domination.

If you want even more Megan and Liz in your life, make sure you follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel, where you’ll stay up to date on your journey and, of course, still get those music covers we love so much!

Are you crushing on Megan and Liz?!