Okay, our little Directioner hearts just can’t seem to handle today. Why, you ask? Well first, you’re clearly not a Directioner if you had to even ask that question and second, it’s because today One Direction decided to give us a whole load of exciting news! From a new song to a new trailer to Teen Choice Awards news!

Chelsea Briggs – our #1 Directioner – explains more in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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It all began when 1D gave us a video announcing their brand new single “Best Song Ever,” which will be featured in their upcoming 3D documentary This Is Us! Being their usual, goofy selves, they even revealed that we would be hearing a snippet of the song in the first full-length trailer for the movie. And yes, they gave us that too!

After watching three minutes of 1D craziness that is the This Is Us trailer, get this news – they will be opening up the 2013 Teen Choice Awards with “Best Song Ever!” Yeah, is your heart exploding from all of this yet? Because it should be. We can watch our boys on the TCA stage on Sunday, August 11th!

Which news from today were you most excited about?

The song? The trailer? TCA news?