The fellas of One Direction are bound and determined to not be put into the category of cookie-cutter pop stars that can’t write their own music. In fact, they each just signed publishing deals with Fingate to cash in on their writing credits. No, we’re not talking about them writing a song and splitting the cash five ways – they’ve signed individual deals!

All five of the members have contributed their songwriting skills to their own songs, including three tracks on their latest album Take Me Home. Them each signing deals will definitely help if and when that day comes where they have the desire to pursue solo singing or songwriting careers.

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“This is a real statement of intent from the band,” a source told The Sun. “They have absolutely no intention of being spoon-fed pop puppets. They want to write and they want to earn as individuals.”

It’s been a good week for 1D as they’ve signed these deals as well as announced their upcoming fragrance ‘Our Moment.’ They held an unveiling yesterday in London, debuting the look of the bottle and scent, but they’ve described as more fruity. Check out this special video from the press conference!

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