Selena Gomez was seen canoodling last weekend…with a newborn!

Selena and her new baby sister have quite the age gap between them – 20 years! -- But SelGo seems excited to finally have the coveted title of “Big Sis.”

After tweeting the birth announcement nearly two weeks ago, Selena finally gave her fans the big dose of cute they've been waiting for: photos of her with her baby sis Gracie.

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Us Weekly snagged the pics of the sweet sisters while Selena was on a shoot in Malibu for her new clothing line Dream Out Loud. The new family of four took a picnic break – just enough time for Selena to cuddle with and coo at her precious little sister.

Seriously, imagine having Selena as an older sister: the fashion lessons, the VIP events, the love advice... Is it weird to be jealous of a baby??

Which Hollywood star would you want as a big sister?