Could Austin Mahone become the next Justin Bieber? After watching his recently released music video for “What About Love,” we’d say that’s a very good chance! But you be the judge!

Chelsea Briggs shows you the video in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Austin is blowing up in the pop world lately and if you haven’t fallen head over heels for this 17-year-old, you better get ready to with his “What About Love” music video! “It’s me kinda singing to this girl, but it has a lot of flashbacks,” he told MTV about the vid. “So it’s me remembering all the times we had… there are lot of good scenes, me in the garage at the motel – it’s just a cool video.”

With all the buzz surrounding Austin, it’s no surprise that he gets compared to Bieber all the time. “It’s cool (to be compared to Justin Bieber), but I want people to see me as my own artist,” he told Today. “I want to show them that I’m different.”

What do you think? Is Austin the next Bieber?