Amanda Bynes is currently under a 5150 hold and undergoing a mental analysis for starting a driveway fire in Thousand Oaks, California and more information is coming out about what happened afterwards.

An eyewitness saw Amanda next to the fire with the bottom of her pants ablaze. Trying to put herself out, she was rolling around on the ground, frantic for her pet Pomeranian. Once the witness approached her and tried to help, she then ran away into a taxi.

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Footage was obtained of Amanda going into a liquor store after the fire, looking for a place to wash her dog, who was covered in gasoline. “She was trying to wash the dog. She didn’t ask permission to go in the back on her own,” Southwest Market & Deli employee Tony Darghali told the Daily News. While Tony wasn’t working that night, his co-worker filled him in on all the details. “When [the clerk on duty) went back there to see what she was doing, he could smell gasoline. She seemed freaked out and just kind of walked out. I don’t think there was a whole lot of communication… it looks like the poor girl needs some help.”

It’s being reported that while Amanda won’t be prosecuted for the fire, but she could be under mental evaluation for a bit longer – maybe even up to 14 days. A source close to the actress is revealing that her parents, who haven’t been in close contact with Amanda since all of this began, may be seeking a conservatorship for her, meaning that they will be in charge of making her decision about her life, her money, etc.

This is all just so sad and hard to watch. We wish the absolute best for Amanda and hope that this gets her the help that she needs.

What do you make of all of this?

Do you think her hospitalization getting extended to 14 days will be what Amanda needs?