We all have our day-to-day to do list: do laundry, hit the gym, run those errands, etc. But for Brandy Klark in The To Do List, her list is a little bit… different. Right before she heads into her freshman year of college, she creates her long list of sexual activities she must accomplish before that first day comes. Obviously, this doesn’t come as easy as she expected!

Our very own Ciara McVey got the chance to sit down with the cast that includes some serious big names, such as Aubrey Plaza, Scott Porter, Bill Hader, Connie Britten, Clark Gregg and the director Maggie Carey, to chat all about this coming of age film set in 1993. Also, we just had to put them in the retro-version of the Hollywire Hot Seat, finding out their first celebrities crushes, favorite ‘90s hairstyle and more!

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Aubrey goes front and center for the role of Brandy Klark and just as director Maggie told us, she definitely had to go through the ringer for this one. But in case you need just one reason why you should check out The To Do List, Aubrey keeps it simple: “Duh, it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen! It’s got a million people in it that are funny and there’s hand jobs.” Alright, enough said!

In case you weren’t familiar with the cast – first off, what?! And second, Scott definitely makes it clear that that’s one of the top reasons why The To Do List should be on everyone’s summer flick list. “It’s good to give your eyes and ears a rest from all the summer explosions and sit back and watch something that’s genuinely funny with almost everyone you love from television.” Allow us to list that off for you – there is someone from the following TV shows in the movie: Saturday Night Live, Parks & Recreation, Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock – do we really need to go on?

Connie and Clark Gregg play Brandy’s parents in the film, who obviously walk into from pretty awkward moments with their daughter. Chatting with the two about their favorite scenes in the movie, it was all about Bill and Andy Samberg! I mean, does it really get better than those two?

The To Do List hits theaters today!

Will you be checking out The To Do List this weekend?