It’s been an exciting week for the girl groups out there, with Fifth Harmony releasing their very first music video for “Miss Movin’ On” and Cimorelli getting nominated for “Best Web Star” at this year’s Teen Choice Awards! Both pretty epic moments, but which one do you think had the better week?

Chelsea Briggs puts the two groups against each other for Battle of the Girl Bands!

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Fifth Harmony’s fans – a.k.a. Harmonizers – have been waiting for what seems like forever for their very first music video. And guys, I think the wait was well worth it because “Miss Movin’ On” totally rocks! And can we please talk about the wardrobe these five ladies are rocking? Excuse us, we need to go shopping real quick. BRB!

Cimorelli may have gotten their start on a little website called YouTube (maybe you’ve heard of it) but now they’re taking it out on the road, touring all over America. Oh, and did we mention that they’ve snagged a TCA nomination for “Best Web Star?” Yeah, they’re kind of a big deal.

Between these two groups, which one had the better week?

Are you #TeamFifthHarmony or #TeamCimorelli?