One Direction had a pretty epic week by releasing their amped up “Best Song Ever” music video but the Jonas Brothers got in on the video action by releasing their “First Time music vid. But which group really, truly had the best week… ever?

Chelsea Briggs puts 1D and JoBros against each in this week’s Battle of the Boy Bands!

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First up, 1D! We’ve been waiting ever-so patiently for the release of their “Best Song Ever” music video pretty much ever since we heard the seven second clip in their This Is Us trailer. And finally, this week, it arrived! It’s even better than we imagined it would! And clearly fellow Directioners agree since they managed to break Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” record of most Vevo views with 10.9 million!

Now, the Jonas Brothers! They released their “First Time” music video, which definitely shows off a more mature, different style then we’re used to hearing from them. Plus, we pretty much feel like we’re partying in up in Vegas with the guys, so points for that!

Okay guys, which boy band do you think had the better week?

Are you #Team1D or #TeamJoBro?