First President Obama, now Bill Clinton.

The YouTube channel Baracksdubs reaches Viral Video status with pretty much every video they put out and now it’s Bill Clinton’s turn. What do you get when you put together Bill and Robin Thicke’s hit single “Blurred Lines?” One seriously hilarious Clinton Dub!

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The hilarious video, which was released only yesterday, puts together a bunch of Clinton’s speeches to make it look like he’s singing along to the song. But the best part has to be when he sings the line “you’re a good girl / I know you want it,” and shows clips of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Joe Biden nodding their head.

Oh, and just to make it even better – the video was released yesterday, which just so happens to be Monica Lewinsky’s 40th birthday. Coincidence? Hm, probably not!

Which presidential dubs do you like better?

Obama’s or Clintons?