Well, it’s definitely summer considering that temperatures are reaching all-time highs all across the country – might as well call us HollyWeather now. While it may seem pretty much impossible to find ways to bring that temperature, look no further than our favorite Hollywood stars!

Take a look at some of the best ways to keep cool, thanks to these hot celebrities for Celebrity Heat Wave, sponsored by BIC Soleil Razors! Spoiler alert: this article comes with a heavy dose of sarcasm.


Step out of the house and feel that ocean breeze at the beach


Find a friend and casually bring up “Let’s take your boat out” idea


Actually get into the water for either jet skiing, surfing or just plain old swimming


Three words: frozen dairy products


Iced coffee, smoothies or just water – just grab some kind of cold beverage a sip away


Beat the heat by actually breaking a sweat with a work out to go along with options 1, 2 and 3 above


Hate the outside? Air conditioning + nail salon = perfect pampering session


And if all else fails, find some shade. Umbrellas strongly encouraged


What’s your favorite way to beat the summer heat?

Photos Courtesy of Fame FlyNet