Dear Ed Sheeran,

You have to stop doing this to us. You’re just too adorable for words, your songs make us melt into a puddle and your voice makes us forget what life really is. You’re practically a ginger Jesus. And now, you do this – you freestyle to Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time” and it’s unbelievable good. You rap too?! What?! We knew you could at least sing really fast but actually freestyle rap?

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Making a stop in New York City during Taylor Swift’s Red Tour, Ed hung out with Paul the Web Guy for this exclusive video for Z100. Sure, the video starts off normal enough – Ed covering Brit’s tune – and then… it happens. He freestyles. And he’s good.

Listen, Ed. We know you’re putting together your sophomore album and we know it’s probably not going to hit us until next year, but can you please put some of mad rap skills in there? It would be greatly appreciated.


The Entire World

What do you think about Ed’s freestyle skills?

Should be consider a new career path?