The day has arrived, Emblems! Our three favorite boys, Wesley, Drew and Keaton – a.k.a. Emblem3 – have finally released their debut album Nothing To Lose. You guys, we just have to say – we’re obsessed!

Chelsea Briggs gives you a listen in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Emblem3’s Nothing to Lose is everything we’ve dreamed of and more. Just because they’re considered a “boy band” in the entertainment world doesn’t mean you’ll be hearing sugar pop tunes for these guys. The entire record is filled with beach pop vibes, infectious melodies and plenty of relatable, coming of age lyrics. Describing the record as “Justin Timberlake meets Sublime,” it sounds like there’s a little bit of something for everybody!

Watching Emblem3 go from getting their start on The X-Factor to topping the iTunes chart in less than 24 hours, we couldn’t be more proud of our three favorite fellas. Way to go, Emblem3!

What are your thoughts on Nothing to Lose?

What’s your favorite track?