Throughout the past couple year, especially this past one, Selena Gomez had the task that many child stars have to face – how to be taken seriously has an adult in the entertainment world. Having gotten her start on the Disney Channel, SelGo has put the focus this past year on her brand new album Stars Dance, as well as taking on more adult movie roles, such as Spring Breakers and Getaway.

We got the chance to sit down for an exclusive interview with Selena, courtesy of Walmart Soundcheck, and she opened up about making that “awkward” transition, as well how important her family plays in it.

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Talking about that transition from a teenager to adult, Selena summed it up with one word: awkward! “I don’t really feel like an adult half the time… I have a lot of responsibilities but at the end of the day I still feel like a kid and wanting to make sure that transition is something you’re comfortable doing.”

She continued, “I never want to do something that I’m not comfortable doing, as an artist, as a musician, as an actress – you never know what’s right or wrong… it’s pretty basic, I just try to do what I love and remain true to who I am and that all I can really hope to do.”

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How do you think Selena has handled her transformation into an adult?