Alright Marshmallows, after raising $2 million on Kickstarter -- the Veronica Mars movie is a real thing! And we have the trailer to prove it! 

The V-Mars team unleashed a video at Comic Con which includes cast interviews, a glimpse behind-the-scenes, a recap of the record-breaking Kickstarter campaign with over 91,000 backers, and oh yeah, it has an actual trailer from the V-Mars movie! 

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The popular show aired from 2004 to 2007 and the 6-year hiatus means we’ve got some catching up to do – not to mention the film added 4 years, making it 10 years later. Our favorite teenage sasspot P.I. is all grown up and the trailer reveals that Veronica, played by Kristen Bell, is now a lawyer in New York.

So why is Veronica back in Neptune, California? That’s one secret the trailer doesn’t divulge. Whatever the reason may be, we are preparing ourselves for the same exciting murderous twists and back stabs -- and of course, some Veronica zingers.

The film isn't going to be released until early next year… Anyone else just get super excited for 2014?

Do you think the ‘Veronica Mars’ movie will live up to the series?