Has the hectic 1D schedule finally caught up with Harry Styles?

Justin Bieber’s done it and so has Lady Gaga. So what exactly do these two have in common with Harry besides all being gigantic music stars? They’ve all gotten sick on stage! Poor Hazza!

Chelsea Briggs brings you the video and more details in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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While on a tour stop in Pittsburgh the boys of One Direction were putting on another amazing show, when suddenly while performing “Rock Me,” Harry rushed off stage!

Don’t worry, no need to avert your eyes, we can’t actually see Harry getting sick – thank goodness – but you can definitely tell that something is wrong as he hides behind part of the stage set.

The rest of the guys are noticeably concerned for their band mate, but we’re impressed that they kept it together enough to complete the song! Pretty flawlessly, wouldn’t you say?!

So, fellow DIrectioners, let’s all wish Harry a great big GET WELL! 

Do you think the 1D schedule is too much for the boys?