Alright Beyoncé, we get it – you’re perfect.

Normally, if any of us got our hair stuck in a fan, we’d freak the hell out. But Bey keeps the show rolling. During her performance of “Halo” at her Mrs. Carter show in Canada, she stood right in front of an electric fan – you know, the ones that she uses on stage to make her hair flow oh-so-perfectly. But instead of getting her hair flowing, she ended up getting her hair caught in the fan! Watch the Instagram video to see it all go down.

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Nope, Beyoncé doesn’t stop singing or freaking out – she keeps singing while casually pulling her hair out. Now that folks, is how you do it like a true diva.

After the show, she posted a handwritten note to her faces addressing the incident by creating a parody version of “Halo.” LOL Bey!

Beyoncé FTW!