You would think that since Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood she wouldn’t get star struck meeting fellow celebs. Nope, that’s not sure – not one bit.

We’ve already seen her completely lose her cool while getting video bombed by Jack Nicholson at the Oscars and spotting Jeff Bridges at last weekend’s Comic Con was no different. See it all go down at the 2:30 mark!

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Spotting one of her acting idols on the carpet, Jennifer pretty much bolted away from him and then worked up the courage to at least go up and say “hello.” Well, she actually spilled her heart to him, saying what a huge fan she was.

Okay, she may or may not be playing this up a little bit because we all love to see her act “normal” when meeting celebrities, but we don’t care – this is freakin’ amazing.

How would you act if you met Jeff Bridges? Or what about Jennifer?