Looks like John Mayer and Katy Perry are definitely back on.

These two have been the on-again-off-again couple of 2013 and John proved to everyone that not only are they back together, but he’s pretty damn smitten with KP! Kicking off his tour last Saturday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he dedicated his song “A Face to Call Home” to Katy and opened up to his fans on how he really feels about her.

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This guy has always been an open book about his relationships so we’re not really surprised that he let it all out during the show – except he had nothing but kind words to say about Katy. Talking about when they first starting dating while he was being treated for vocal cord surgery, he said, “I was just getting to know a girl and started really reconsidering how difficult everything was going to be right as he was putting the needle through my neck because I was still getting to know this girl and I wasn’t able to talk to her.”

Detailing how Katy handled his recovery, he called her “more incredible than I ever thought,” recalled how she would order food for him since he was unable to speak and how even with awful phone and internet service while he was in Montana, “she was so patient as to even, continue to get to know me and love me.”

He concluded his positive praises by saying, “This is a long time coming for the both of us and I was to dedicate this next song to my Katy, who is my face to call home.” Well, I guess it’s time we finally admit it – John has definitely changed for the better and it looks like he has Katy to thank!

What do you think about John’s kind words for Katy?

And do you think he’s actually really changed?