Update: Turns out Bill Clinton has no harsh feelings towards Justin Bieber. In fact, the two actually got on the phone and talked everything out. Of course that would happen. “Justin apologized for his comments,” a source said. “President Clinton took it in jest, and said, ‘if that is the worst thing you have ever done, all is well.’”

Since the video, which was taken earlier this year, was released to TMZ by one of Bieber’s so-called “friends,” Clinton had one piece of advice for the singer – “watch your friends” and “focus on the good he does in the world.”

After the call, Justin took the Twitter, writing, "thanks for taking the time to talk Mr. President. Your words meant alot. #greatguy.” He added, "In life u will make mistakes and people will try and tear u down...but u gotta stay positive. Stay strong, and learn to be better, and always live to serve others and The Lord. #growingeveryday.”


OMG. You guys… Justin Bieber is at it again – he’s up to his crazy antics! Except this time, we’re not really sure how to feel about it.

Peeing in a mop bucket? Saying “F—k you” to a former president? Just… watch the video. Please.

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TMZ obtained the video, which is said to be shot earlier this year as Justin and his pals were leaving a New York City nightclub and exiting through a restaurant kitchen. Apparently he had to go to the bathroom that bad and thought he was maybe too good for an actual bathroom and… um… relieved himself in a mop bucket. Yup, a mop bucket.

After his friends were egging him on, saying, “That’s the coolest spot to “p—s. You know, you’ll forever remember that.”

And to end the video, Justin reached for a squirt bottle, sprayed it at a framed photo of Bill Clinton and yelled, “F—k you, Bill Clinton.” Oh, and let’s not forget him or one of his friends asking, “Where’s my beer?” afterwards.

Just… what? What just happened?

Thoughts on Justin’s actions? Hilarious or disgusting?