When Kristen Wiig made her appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon yesterday, we expect her to be… well, herself. But nope, that definitely didn’t happen.

Making her rounds to promote her film Girl Most Likely, out this Friday, Kristen showed up to Jimmy’s show as legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. And the rest – well, just watch for yourself.

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Do you see the resemblance between the two? Yeah, us either but even though Kristen looked and acted nothing like MJ, the appearance was definitely hilarious. Kristen threw on a bald cap – seriously, it looks like she just threw it on her head, a XXL Bulls jersey and Jordan sneakers.

Reminiscing about his basketball days – specifically the game win shot against the Cleveland Rockets (great team!) – Michael even sang his signature song. Because, come on – how could he not?!

Alright, we can’t keep this up anymore – Kristen, you totally rock. We just wish Jimmy could have kept a straight face the entire time!

Who would you love to see Kristen portray next?