The world can’t look away from any news that’s currently surrounding NSA leaker Edward Snowden, who’s being charged with violating espionage laws. While no one is really sure how this whole saga will end, one movie director already has his eyes on taking it to the big screen. In fact, he already has Liam Hemsworth in mind to take on the leading role.

Phillip Noyce, director of Salt, revealed to NBC News that, just like the rest of us, his interest in the case is at an all-time high and a major motion picture based on the case could definitely be in the near future.

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"This is a movie that's playing out before our eyes, even though we can't see anything," he said. "We can't see the hero or the villain -- the central character. Like my last big movie, Salt, it's a story where you're not quite certain if you're dealing with a heroine or a villain. And we may not be certain until the end of the movie or even beyond that. That's a beautiful duality to deal with when you're making a story or watching a movie.”

He continued, “You can speculate he's motivated by complete unselfish motives through belief in protecting worldwide public interests. Or you can speculate he was himself a victim of knowing that notoriety might bring him immortality."

As far as which Hollywood leading man could take on the role of the man in hiding, Liam seems to be the perfect fit to Phillip. "He's perfectly positioned as a rising star," he said. "I think he'll probably be one of the great ones. His older brother, Chris, could also play him but Liam looks more like an everyman. I think he'd be perfect."

What do you think?

Would Liam be the best fit as Edward Snowden?