Just keep on twerkin’…

Miley Cyrus has pretty much because infamous for her twerking skills and now she’s putting it all into a song. Lil Twist – a.k.a. Justin Bieber’s P.I.C. – announced via Twitter last weekend that he’ll be teaming up with her and Bieber for a new single called “Twerk.”

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“Done. But that person wanted me to tell u all that.... ITS ABOUT TO GO DOWN!! Look for the artwork and video this week!” he tweeted on June 30th. He later tweeted, only July 6th, about the single again, writing, “#TWERK! “Cause somewhere in America Miley Cyrus is still twerkin”… Go Find It!! #BadDecisions #WildKidz #YMCMB” along with the cover art of the single. Yup, that’s Miley’s behind from her twerking video.

No word on when this single will come out, even though he said the video would be released last week. But let’s be honest – it’s something everyone will be talking about.

Also, this clears up those rumors of Miley and Justin’s collaboration everyone was talking about a few weeks ago when they were spotted hanging out at the same recording studio. And while Miley may have said she was unsure whether or not we would be hearing music from them together, Lil Twist is making it happen.

Are you stoked about “Twerk” or are you over this dance fad?