A lot of people have been talking about Lindsay Lohan and James Deen for two specific reasons: her rehab stint and his sex tape with Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham. But, let’s not forget about the little movie these two did together a while back – The Canyons.

We’ve seen teaser trailers, we’ve seen clips, and we’ve even read what it was like working with Lindsay on the set. Now, the official trailer for the clip has been released and it’s at all like the cheesy, black-and-white version that came out months ago.

Clearly this film really is all about sex, as Lindsay plays an actress trying to hide a secret from her past from her movie producer boyfriend, played by James. Why do we have a feeling that, based on the trailer, Lindsay didn’t have to dig too deep for this role.

The Canyons hits select theaters and on iTunes on August 2nd.

Will The Canyons be Lindsay’s comeback role?