Like many celebrities who want to have an honest, personal and high-rated TV sit-down chat, Lindsay Lohan will be talking with the Oprah Winfrey following her stay in rehab but it won’t come cheap.

Lindsay has already signed a deal at Betty Ford to sit down for an exclusive interview with Oprah, as well as an eight-part docu-series that will follow her life as she tries to get her career back and deal with her personal struggles. So how much will Lindsay be getting paid for all this? Oh, just $2 million.

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That chunk of change isn’t the only thing Lindsay will be getting from Oprah – she also negotiated two personal assistants and a stylist. The interview is confirmed to happen in August and her series will take back in 2014. Hopefully she won’t back out on Oprah like she did to Barbara Walters.

Lindsay’s mother Dina opened up about her excitement about her daughter’s latest career move (of course she did), saying, "Oh it's fantastic. If anyone is going to help mentor you, it's going to be Oprah." But Dina, why not Dr. Phil?

What do you think about Lindsay’s deal with Oprah?

Will you tuning in or are you sick of hearing about her?