Alright, we’ve had enough. This whole celebrities using Kickstarters or whatever other campaign to have fans pay for their passion projects is getting out of control. Sure, it worked for Veronica Mars fans and even Zach Braff – even though he received some serious criticism for doing it – but it also hasn’t worked for some either. How’s your new film coming, Melissa Joan Hart?

The latest celebrity to jump on this bandwagon is Nick Carter. Yes, Backstreet Boys Nick Carter. Apparently he wants to make some kind of horror movie because he’s a huge scary movie fan. Just watch him talk all about it on Indiegogo.

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Nick explains why he wants to do create this movie by saying, “Most of you already know that I’m passionate about music, but what you don’t know, is that I’m a huge horror movie fan as well. To that end, I’m about to start down the path of my other dream: to become a film producer and screenwriter. And my first venture is to produce a horror film I also co-wrote and star in called Evil Blessings.” Just stop. Make it stop. Please.

Look, we’re all for chasing your dreams but Nick, dude, you’re a part of one of the biggest boy bands in the history of boy bands. You and your four other buddies are worth millions of dollars. How about take a little bit out of your savings to pay for it yourself instead of asking your BSB fans for money? Just a thought.

Okay, vent session is over.

What do you think about Nick joining other celebrities starting campaigns?

Are you sick of this or think it’s a cool thing to be a part of?