Miley Cyrus’ upcoming album is starting to become the most-anticipated album of 2013 – it’s the new Miley, guys! But is she finally ready to unveil the title of her little baby?

Chelsea Briggs explains in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Miley’s been hyping everyone up for her album, which she’s told us numerous times that she’s devoted her entire life to it. But we have yet to find out what her child is actually called! Pretty impressive that she’s been able to keep it a secret after all this time, but we can get it out of her in one simple way – get her to 13 million followers on Twitter!

Miley tweeted, “I gotta make gettin 2 my lucky # an event! Hmm imma do sum special. Jay Z inspired me 2 do a twitter spree #13mill always been good to me… Imma answer ?s about my album ******* when I get to #13mill.”

That’s all we have to do, guys. Smilers unite to get Miley to 13 million followers! She’s currently sitting at 12.6 million to go tell you friends, family, dogs (Miley loves dogs), complete strangers, whoever!

What do you think Miley’s album title is?