Hm, did we just catch Miley Cyrus in a lie? Or maybe she had a moment of amnesia?

Sitting down for an interview with UK’s Heat World, Miley got asked this question: “What do you think about One Direction?” Apparently she knows absolutely nothing about the boys. “I mean, don’t ask me to name a song because I can’t do that, but I know what they look like… I think I met Harry? I think backstage once… don’t really remember much. I just remember my sister was super excited,” she replied.

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She continued, “I don’t really know them that much. That’s like, so bad, but it’s like, I listen to urban.” Okay Miley, sorry to do this to you, but we’re going to be honest – we don’t believe. Why? Well, we’re strictly basing this all on your social media history.

First, you tweeted this last year: “Feel like I’m hangin with a  13 year old girl when I have sleepovers with gays! Weve spent an hour stalking Zayn from @OneDirection… but gotta admit I love every second of it.” Second, she tweeted this photo of her in bed with a cardboard Harry Styles, writing, “All I want for my birrfffday is a big booty hoe. All @noahcyrus wants for her BIRFFFDAY is @harry_styles.”

Finally, our personally favorite – remember when you were hanging out with Niall Horan in the studio? And posted a photo of him? Hm, must have been the amnesia. Miley, girl, it's okay to admit you know 1D -- everybody knows who they are. Own it!

What do you think about Miley pretending to not know 1D?

Is she trying to be someone she’s not?