Going gray on purpose? Really? Yes, really!

Some of our favorite pop starlets have been trying out a new hue on their locks, so let’s dish about who rocks gray best!

Chelsea Briggs brings you the three-way battle in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Between Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Miley Cyrus we’ve seen a ton of crazy red carpet looks topped off by equally unique hairstyles. And now that all three of these ladies have tried the gray hued ‘do, it’s time to battle it out!

First, we’ve got Lady Gaga – who, let’s face it, will try anything once. Remember the meat dress? But, the one thing we can’t seem to get over is that she always seems to pull it off, like every time! Gaga rocked the gray for a Vanity Fair photo shoot back in 2010. We know all you Little Monsters agree – she looked hot!

Next up we got our girl Rihanna whose bizarre fashion choices have become staples for the songstress. We’re just kinda used to it, which makes her recent change from jet black to dusty gray a little less surprising. However, Rihanna has kept this new color for a solid week! Maybe it’s more than just a rebellious fling! Way to be a true trendsetter RiRi!

And lastly, Miley! She went from long brown hair to a short bleach blonde pixie cut – talk about transformation of the year! Miles went a step further when she decided to go gray for a few weeks and though it was short lived, she was a part of this new hair trend. Plus, we think it’s pretty darn bold of her!

We’ve seen other young stars like Pink, Nicole Ritchie, and Kelly Osbourne take part in the gray trend as well, so we gotta know – Do you love it or totally hate it? Would you ever try it – even for a short amount of time?

Of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Miley who do you think rocks the gray best?