Yep, it’s officially the BEST DAY EVER!! At least for us Directioners! With the release of the music video for “Best Song Ever,” the boys of 1D have us going “crazy, crazy, crazy”!

Chelsea Briggs brings you all the details in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

We feel like we’ve been teased for like 7 days, oh wait, that’s because we have! Well, the day has finally arrived and now we can’t stop watching the guys of One Direction getting extra goofy in this amazing new video!

Meet the boys’ alter egos: Jonny the studio exec, Leroy the choreographer, Veronica the sexy assistant, Marcel the marketing guy, and Harvey the studio exec.

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It may be just too much for us to handle! But, will it go down as their best music video ever? There’s some stiff competition, so we gotta ask…

Which 1D music vid is your fave? And who’s your favorite alter ego?