Yup, you read that title right.

We’re pinning YouTube star (take that title with a grain of salt) Rebecca Black against dogs, but for good reason! The “Friday” singer created her own G-rated, acoustic version of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” along fellow singer Jon D. And just a few days ago, adorable puppies did their own take of the song as well!

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Since Rebecca is only 16-years-old, Miley’s lyrics about strip clubs and cocaine weren’t exactly appropriate for her. So she created a modified version, grabbed her pal Jon D and a guitar and created this slowed down version. Sure, it sounds pretty and all but kind of weird hearing this song as a ballad. Doesn’t really fit, right?

Take a hit song and have puppies sing it and you’re destined for viral video gold. Petodies created this hilarious parody called “We Can Bark” (creative) featuring a Maltese named Maltey Cyrus (again, creative). Like Rebecca’s version, the lyrics were modified a bit and go a little something like this: “I’m a doggie, I can do what I want / I’m a puppy, I can do what I want / I can lick what I want, bark when I want, roll where I want.”

And just to compare, here’s Miley’s original version.

Between Rebecca and the puppies, which version of Miley’s song do you prefer?