Rihanna got emotional during her performance of “Stay” while on her Diamonds tour in France earlier this week. RiRi crying during a show? That’s not really something you see too often.

No it wasn’t the tabloids that made her cry or Chris Brown or anything bad at all – it was her fans! Awe! Her Navy, as she calls them, were showing their love to her while she was on stage and she was so moved that she actually broke down crying.

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Starting off by saying, “I love you guys. Thank you so much,” at the end of the show, she clearly was heartbroken saying goodbye. “I can’t believe this s—t. You all make me so happy. This is everything that matters to me. And to stand here and feel the love in this room. The Diamonds tour is nearly coming to an end and I hate this party. I hate saying goodbye. You guys showed me so much love in this room tonight. I love you guys,” she said.

She added, “I don’t know why the f—k I’m crying. That’s crazy. Thank you so much. I love you guys. It’s the Diamonds World tour, so you know we can’t leave yet.” She then went into her performance of, what else – “Diamonds!”

With Rihanna showing up hours late to numerous shows and even getting chips thrown at her in England, it’s nice to see her show some appreciation to her dedicated fans.

What do you think about Rihanna breaking down during the show?