Well, this is awkward! Selena Gomez sits down for a satellite interview and the moment Justin Bieber gets brought up, she quits! Yeah, it’s kinda epic.

Chelsea Briggs brings you the clip in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Ever since Jelena called it quits – the first time – Selena hasn’t exactly been an open book when it comes to chatting all about the Biebs. For example, she kinda embarrassed him on David Letterman when she admitted that she actually made him cry. And then there was the time that she told Ellen DeGeneres that she was 100 percent okay – especially since she had just met Brad Pitt for the first time.

But while she’s always just kind of shrugged off the questions, she’s never actually ended an interview over the relationship topic. That is until Chicago’s WGN reporter Dean Richards asked if there was something about Justin that we didn’t quite get. Then BAM! The interview ends with Selena’s camera getting cut off. Sure, it was probably SelGo’s team that made the decision, but it definitely made it look kind of awkard.

Yikes! What do you guys think? Was Dean out of line for asking the question?