We still have one more week until Selena Gomez releases her Stars Dance album but don’t worry, she’s making sure we’re all satisfied by not only unveiling samples of the tracks yesterday, but now streaming the entire album on iTunes today!

When talking about Stars Dance in the past, Selena has admitted that working on Spring Breakers definitely had a major influence on her record and she channeled her inner-Skrillex to get that EDM vibe. Well, mission accomplished because the album is definitely more grown up and a completely different sound from what we’ve heard from her before.

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Her first single “Come And Get It” may have Bollywood inspired feels to it, but the majority of the album makes you feel like you’re at a huge rave with your girls! Also, the opening track “Birthday” seems pretty fitting to kick the album off with since Stars Dance is released one day after SelGo’s 21st birthday.

Selena spoke to MTV about working on her dubstep-inspired record and there’s one theme going on through it all – dancing. “To be honest, most of the record actually speeds up once I release ‘Come And Get It,’” she said. “The rest of the record, I’ve never taken this long to work on a record before… It was really fun for me to have more of a creative control and more of a say. I want it to be a mixture of everything I’m obsessed with. I love to dance and I love to make people dance.”

You can have Stars Dance in your hands when it releases on July 23rd!

What do you think about Selena’s new sound?

Does she make it work?