So, Shailene Woodley stopped by Conan last night to promote her new, come of age flick The Spectacular Now. Sounds pretty normal, right? Well, it was until Shailene and Conan’s toes interlocked. Yeah, that happened.

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Here’s how it started – because I know you’re curious: Conan brought up the fact that Shailene has admitted that she’s fascinated by the idea of how people are move our fingers and toes. In fact, she was so fascinated that she’s been practicing spreading her toes as far as they can go and actually clasped toes with her friend. Sure, it sounds strange but it’s probably even stranger that this makes us want to be friends with her even more.

So, naturally, Conan just had to try this and what resulted was probably the strangest thing that’s ever happened on Conan’s set. And you can even tell that they both thought was just happened was… odd by their reactions while trying to segue into another topic.

In other news, The Spectacular Now hits theaters on August 2nd!

Would you ever try locking toes like Shailene and Conan did?