Looking your best for summer is a must. You've found the perfect bathing suit, coverup, wedges and sun protection of course; but we're pretty sure you forgot about the most basic and important thing to add to your checklist: how to get the perfect shave! We've got some tried and true tips from for every girl who wants perfectly tan, smooth legs. Check them out and be sure to try them out next time! Sponsored by BIC Soleil Razors!

Shave at Night

Shaving the night before your big summer outing, like that cute boy's pool party or a group trip to the beach, will actually give your skin the time it needs to recoup from the irritation that shaving can cause. 

Shave Clean Skin

It's always best to start with a clean slate, and when shaving there is no exception to this rule. Shaving on an unclean surface can potentially spread bacteria or cause infections, which would be a major bummer after all the effort you put into plannin your perfect summer day!

Shave with hot water

Hot water softens hair toughness which will make it easier to shave and cause less irritation. 

Use a good shaving cream or gel

Are you used to grabbing whatever is in the shower to shave? Do your skin a favor and invest in a shaving gream or gel, it is much gentler on your skin and will reduce redness and bumps. For an even closer shave leave the cream or gel on for 2 minutes before shaving.

Throw out those dull blades

 A sharp blade is your best bet. Dull blades cause red spots and bumps as it irritates your skin more.

After shave for your skin

Yes, girls should use an after-shave too! Use an alcohol-free after-shave to re-moisturize your skin and to avoid the effects of razor burn! Trust us, your skin will thank you!


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Do you have another tip for getting the perfect shave and glow for the summer? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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