August is, without a doubt, the month us Directioners are counting down to. One Direction's This Is Us finally hits theaters and we couldn’t be more excited, but we have one question – will it be beat Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never box office record?

Chelsea Briggs explains more in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Justin’s documentary Never Say Never was released back in 2011 brought in $75 million, including nearly $30 million just in the opening weekend. Yeah, Beliebers mean business!

The chances of 1D’s flick beating Bieber’s could definitely happen. To show you example of Directioners dedication, the internet pretty much almost crashed when the official, full-length trailer was released last week. A fandom crashing the World Wide Web – yeah, that almost happened.

Do you think Directioners will outshine Beliebers are the box office?