Anyone else getting a headache trying to keep up with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s relationship status? Jelena, are you or aren’t you? The latest on these two is they definitely spent the Fourth of July holiday together and we know this after photos of these two getting pretty close surfaced.

So Chelsea Briggs has one question for Justin and Selena – WTF?!

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Ever since these two first called it quits back in October, it seems like they’ve become the poster couple for on-and-off-again relationships. It appeared that they were definitely done, but then Selena flew all the way to Norway in April to spend time with Justin on his Believe tour. Kind of strange behavior for them, right?

Tattoos and deleted Instagram photos later, we land on these Independence Day photos. Let’s face it, these two totally still have something for each other – we just wish they would figure it out already!

What do you think about Justin and Selena’s relationship?

Are you sick of hearing about them or hope they stay together?