You know, walking out of the door not wearing any pants could be someone’s biggest nightmare, but for Miley Cyrus, it’s just another fashion statement. Has anyone else noticed lately that she’s been sporting some pretty short-shorts lately – actually, they’re basically underwear.

Chelsea Briggs has one question for Miley and her new pants-less fashion statement: WTF?!

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We obviously aren’t the only ones who have noticed Miley’s shortest of short shorts look – Jimmy Kimmel called her out on it during her late night appearance last week. And while we get that her body is ridiculous and she has legs for days but that doesn’t mean she isn’t allowed to wear pants.

This basically underwear trend is one that’s starting to rub off on other celebrities, like Rihanna, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, etc. Call us old-fashioned but wearing shorts so short that they practically look like intimates aren’t exactly something that should be worn outside the house.

So, the WTF Lesson the Day is this: No pants? There’s going to be a problem.

What do you think about this latest fashion trend? Are these short shorts just too much?