We’ve seen a lot of adorable and touching wedding proposal videos, but this one takes the cake.

When Zach Braff created his Kickstarter campaign to fund his film Wish I Was Here, he promised to a video shout out to fans who donated $500. Unfortunately, every single one of those shout outs is expected to be finished and set out by September 2014. Aspiring musician and $500 donor Matt Hulbert couldn’t wait a whole year because he had a special request for his shout out – to have Zach help him propose to his girlfriend Janice Fletcher.

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Spending 30 minutes to write the song to go along with the video – the one that Zach is jamming out to – he accompanied it with video of bunnies, puppies, babies and more telling Janie to simply, “Say yes.”

To make it all complete, Matt recorded Janice’s reaction to watching his proposal video – yes, there are plenty of tears. And yes, she obviously said yes!

“I’m shaking in my boots really, this is amazing,” Matt said of all the attention. “Zach and everyone else involved has just been lovely. After I asked for his help, his producer wrote me back and said he would be honored to do it.”

And just to end this with one final note to make it all even more adorable, for the past two Christmases, Janice has been buying Matt all the seasons of Scrubs on DVD and they’ve watched every episode together.

We’re swooning. We’re melting. We can’t handle all this cuteness! And kudos to you, Zach!

If you could have any celeb make a personalized video for you, who would it be?