If you ever had any doubts about the power of music, 30 Seconds to Mars’ new music video for “Do Or Die” will prove what an influence it has on people.

The seven-minute, which Jared Leto called their “little film,” revolves around one, main concept: live life no matter what! “This is a story about an incredible adventure that we all shared together this summer,” Jared explains to the fans. “A summer that we will never forget. It's also a reminder (for myself as well) to LIVE LIFE NO MATTER WHAT. But ultimately it's a love letter to you all. The believers.”

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The video is truly powerful, involving not only epic concert footage, but testimonials from fans all over the world, sharing their stories on how music has impacted their lives. The footage was taken from 30 Seconds to Mars’ Summer 2013 tour, currently taking place in Australia.

The band is nominated for three MTV Video Music Awards, including “Best Rock Video.” “We woke up this morning in one of the most beautiful places in the world, in the south of France, and we found out that not only did we get an MTV award nomination, but we got three MTV award nominations, so we are completely blown away,” Jared told MTV News. “It was totally unexpected.”

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